Level 1


Swimmers at this level will work on water safety and familiarization. Swimmers will learn safe entry and exit, vertical movements, floats/glides, kicking with & without support on their back/stomach.


Level 2


Swimmers are happy to be in the water. Swimmers can climb in and out safely with no assistance. Swimmers will collect floating toys. Swimmers will work on beginning stroke skills for freestyle and backstroke.


Level 3


Swimmers jump into the water. Swimmers collect sinking toys. Swimmers are introduced to sculling (familiarization of exerting downward pressure). Swimmers start to develop their breaststroke and butterfly skills.


Level 4


Swimmers feel safe and know how to survive in water. Swimmers are able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers are legal in all 4 strokes. Swimmers are taught swim team rules and skills with the goal of transitioning to the team.