One Volunteer service hour will be credited for each certificate that is emailed upon completion.

Instructions from USA Swimming HERE

For the parent who registered their child to USA Swimming, log in to your USA Swimming account and then click HERE and log 

Click on the Education tab -then course catalog

Choose Parents/Volunteers option

Choose "Parents Guide to Misconduct in Sport"

Click "view Info"  Then click Start on the next page

Upon completion please be sure to add the other parent as a contact person on your profile for your swimmer - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - If mom is the main person, please be sure to add Dad as a contact person on the swimmer.

Email completed certificate [email protected] 

For an additional parent - use the link HERE to set up a separate free parent account (must be using a different email from the other account)  Once you have created an account, you will need to link your swimmer to your account:


You will need you have your swimmer's unique USA Swimming ID. This is available either from your spouse USA Swimming account or through your account on team unify. You will need to be listed as a contact person on the account that your swimmer is registered to before you can add this. 

Go through steps above to complete the course. 

Both parents must have the athlete on their own usa swimming parent account for both safe sport courses to show as completed within USA Swimming. 

Completed certificates should be emailed to [email protected] for service hour credit

For athletes aged 13-17 - Info on the minor course

You will need to add an account for your swimmer, step by step HERE

while in your parent account, again click on education, then courses - choose Athletes - then SSRP


Completed certificate showing the swimmers name and the course title should be emailed to [email protected]

For 18+ Athletes

Upon turning 18 your athlete is required to take the Athlete Protection training course for adults - this must be completed on or before their turning 18 in order for them to continue practicing/attending meets. 

You wil need to create a login under your parent usa swimming account for your athlete, they will then log in and go through the Full Athlete protection traning course as an adult athlete - this course is 90 mins long and your account will receive 1.5 hours upon receipt of their certificate emailed to [email protected]